About us

Eddie Hill, Founder and President of “Papa Eddie’s Catering” was born June 8, 1929 in Newton, Mississippi. Eddie attended Newton Vocational High School and after class he would beg his mother, a school teacher, to help him with his cooking assignments. Eddie loved to be surrounded by good food and women for he was the only male student in home economics class. After High School, Eddie pursued his interest in cooking by obtaining a job as a chef, in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. His work at the T & C Cafeteria was rewarding but Eddie heard his call to the United State Army.


Eddie did not enlist into food service but his cooking got him noticed and he quickly became a food service advisor and specialty cook. In his 31 years and 6 months of dedicated service, Eddie greeted and entertained the taste buds of political VIPs such as the late President John F. Kennedy, Eisenhower and Truman. He has graced the tables of foreign ambassadors and various military generals. While in the military he traveled extensively around the United States and Europe. He collected recipes from Italy, Greece, Germany and Russia, Asia and he adopted favorites dishes from countries such Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, and China, just to name a few. In 1970 prior to retiring from the military Eddie Hill decided to start his own business with the objective to share with people his life’s passion.


With very little finances and a lot of hard work and dedication, he built “Papa Eddie’s Catering”. In 42 years of customer service, he never used any form of mass marketing or advertising. Strictly by the use of a hand shake and word of mouth advertisement he built Tacoma’s largest and most popular catering service.


Eddie & Leola hill have three children Zachary, Carolyn and Brenda. Zachary resides in Tacoma and currently serves as President.