Looking To Simplify Your Thanksgiving Day? Call Papa Eddie's Catering!

With sometimes hectic weather conditions, business as usual, holiday wish lists and preparing for company... Thanksgiving can be stressful!

Pacific Northwest's Best Thanksgiving De-Stress Tips

  • Take a deep breath... and don't forget to smile. =)
  • Treat this Thanksgiving as if it were your last... don't sweat the small stuff. You won't remember it in a few years anyway.
  • Get some good laughs in... if there isn't much to laugh about, ask kids for some good jokes, even when they're silly... they are still good for a few chuckles.
  • Have Papa Eddie's Catering help with your holiday meal! You may not want to cook at all... You may want to cook all of the sides, but not the turkey. Only the turkey, but not the sides... or need help with the dessert... Whatever your special situation is, remember: Papa Eddie's caters to your specific needs!

No party to big or too small. Off or on-site catering available. Halls available for rent. To-go orders and delivery.

Holiday pick-up orders no problem!

Contact Francesca for information: 253-565-6310. francesca.rossellini@gmail.com