We have been told that we have the best tasting food in Tacoma. If you want Northwest Tradional, we can offer a wonderful portion of Salamon or Halibut cooked to perfection .If you want BBQ Ribs and chuicken our Ribs are the best in Tacoma. If your event is designed to be Elegant, we can put together a menus that will meet your specific needs. We have access to steaks that have been dry agged, we would mark the stakes and top with saute'd mushrooms. If you would like to have a surf and turf plate add a lobster tail to the food presentaion. If you like Cajun food, I'm a wanabe Cajun and my Guumbo and rice is out of this world. I've even cooked Aligator. Did tou know that Aligator taste like chicken :) So as you can see, we prepare many times of foods.